exabis Moodle plugins

Competency-based teaching and learning with exabis

Document your work with educational standards and self-instructed learning with eportfolios, develop competency-fields (outcomes), establish a culture of reflection - all in the Moodle context with the exabis-OpenSource series.


 Graphical structure of exabis module interaction



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exabis competencies block for Moodle


Exabis competencies brings educational standards to Moodle-courses.


Using an online-xml-tool that lets you associate your institutions educational standards and outcomes examples can be rolled-out for your whole Moodle-site. Gained competencies are documented and visualized graphically for students.



details exabis competencies download exabis competencies for Moodle


exabis competencies from github

exabis eportfolio block for Moodle


Exabis eportfolio enables eportfolio work in Moodle.


Artefacts can be assembled into individual views to be published by the learner. Artefacts can be associated with competencies documenting the assessment in different learning fields.



details exabis eportfolio download exabis eportfolio for Moodle


exabis eportfolio from github

exabis student-review block for Moodle


Exabis student review introduces verbalized team-assessments in Moodle.


Teachers and students can assess themselves verbalized periodically and in different educational standards categories. Printout in the pdf-format is possible across several assessment-periods.



details exabis student-review


exabis student-review from github

exagames activity for Moodle


Exabis exagames uses the didactical principle of game-based-learning as a


The braingame transports knowledge-questions taken from Moodle-quizzes, beat the clock with exaclick-media-enhanced questions and create your individual adventures using gamelabs.



details exabis exagames exabis exagames for Moodle


exabis exagames from github

exabis language portfolio


The digital European language portfolio for Moodle helps a student's assessment for languages.
The module introduces the concept of learning partners, documents the language assessment for different skills and automatically generates the European language passport.

The dossier-function connects to exabis ePortfolio.



details exabis language portfolio download exabis language portfolio


Video for the digital European language portfolio (German)
exabis language portfolio from github

ePOP - electronical personality orientated portfolio


ePOP means - electronical personality orientated portfolio - and focuses on self-instructed learning and documentation within educational standards.


Work is done using a smartphone-app - but the focus is on putting the apps to work that a student decides upon. Different tasks (which are associated with educational standards) have to be solved - depending on the interests and goals of the learner.


The app was developed in co-operation with ÖZEPS (Austrian Center for the development of personal and social competencies).

qcreate lite


The Moodle module qcreate was created by Jame Pratt together with Peter Ruthven-Stuart from the Future University - Hakodate and allows students to contribute question to the Moodle question pool.

gtn has updated the version to Moodle 2.x - it can be downloaded here:


qcreate for Moodle 2.x at github