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exabis Competencies block for Moodle


The goal of this module is to bring competencies and outcomes that are provided into Moodle-courses.

Competencies from a student's perspective can be expressed as "I can"-statements (example: "I can use spreadsheet formulas to solve a mathematical problem").These so-called descriptors or outcomes document the acquisition of competencies (skills) in a certain subject. By this, educational standards can be transported across a whole Moodle-installation giving teachers as well as students the opportunity to document their work with these competencies. In addition prototypical examples that work with different competencies are made available in a Moodle-installation. Within the exabis-competencies-block  teachers may associate Moodle assignments with outcomes.

The xml-file that contains the data that works with the block can be generated at this url:


download exabis competencies for Moodle


exabis competencies from github

exabis competencies documentation v3- fully featured competence grids