Exabis competence grids

pedagogical concept

Digital competence grids are used for both individualization and assessments. On different assessment scales the current development of students in a competence field can be documented and visualized. Different entry points into a competence grid by students based upon initial assessments are part of individualized scenarios.


The competence grid module allows the following competence-based individualized learning scenarios within Moodle:

  • import of competence grids from edustandards.org
  • course-specific competence grids
  • create new course-based competence grids in Moodle
  • configurable generic assessment model
  • edit-mode for adding materials/activities/tasks to competence grids
  • grouping of competence grids towards a thematic approach
  • distribution of materials to students and their planning storage and/or weekly schedule
  • visualized competence profiles
  • comprehensive reporting

The tool for creating competence grids and collaborative work on them is called COMET (COMpetencegridEntryTool)