Adjust basic settings

Adjust basis settings for exabis competence grids.

Info: The competence framework provided by moodle per default  is automatically deactivated when the exabis competence grid plug-in is installed.

Assign teacher for interdisciplinary subjects

The teacher who activates a competence grid for interdisciplinary subjects in a course and thus manages it can be defined here.
If a subject-specific competence grid is activated in a course, teachers can also assess the interdisciplinary competencies in this subject.

Quiz-percentage needed to gain competence

Here you can set how high the percentage value of a test achievement must be so that a competence can be awarded automatically. This is possible if competencies are linked to the Moodle activity Test (Quiz).


Materials and skills can have a level of difficulty. Thus, even in one of the first columns in a competence grid (e.g. when Bloom's taxonomy is used) more difficult and easier tasks can be stored.

Basic and extended competencies

Austrian specialty. If competencies are created with the KOMET tool, assignments can also be made at the level of basic and additional competencies (as metadata). In Austria, basic skills are those that must be acquired. These can be displayed in Moodle with a supplementary view.


The URL to an XML file can be entered here, which is automatically generated continuously. This can be configured in KOMET.
If both conditions are met, competencies in Moodle courses can be updated perpetually.

Custom language file

Due to different linguistic usage, terms related to competence documentation are used differently. The language can be adjusted via, this editor exports an XML file that can be uploaded here.

Allow self-assessment for students in the elove app


Allow assigning of external trainers for students

… are only relevant for the app eLove.