What is diggr+

diggr+ is a web application for students and teachers for digital task submission (students) and assessment (teachers). 
The app was developed during a project of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research in Austria.
Tasks can be connected with competencies and teachers assess the factual content of a task as well as the degree of the competencies that are gained with the tasks.

App features for teachers

  • provide tasks digitally via app
  • connect tasks with competences
  • assess submitted tasks and connected competences
  • comment submitted tasks 
  • view and edit competence profile of their students

App features for students

  • view tasks on the app
  • submit tasks digitally
  • open learning: create your own submissions with tasks you chose yourself
  • Assess your progress for each task you completed 
  • comment on your submissions
  • view your competence profile 

Application in teaching - teacher's view

Tasks for students

Feedback from students

Competence Progression

Free workspace - students' own tasks

Perspective of the teacher per student

Assessment of competences

Activate/deactivate central tasks

Own tasks by the teacher

Linking the task with competencies

Work instructions - example for group work